Jieyang overview
    Jieyang City is the youngest coastal city in Guangdong Province. It was established in 1991. Now, it administrates Rongcheng District, Jiedong District, Jiexi County and Huilai County and temporarily administrates Puning City. The city has a land area of 5,240... For details, please click>>
    Jieyang has a solid industrial foundation, industrial economy developing rapidly, private economic being active, the advantages of characteristics industries being obvious. It has world famous "Asian Jade Capital ", "Chinese Jade Capital ", "Chinese Hardware B... For details, please click>>
    In recent years, Jieyang municipal party committee and government have been attaching great importance to the construction of industrial parks, promoting "industry concentrated to the parks, the parks concentrated to the towns". 20 industrial parks with distin... For details, please click>>
    Jieyang municipal government attaches great importance to the deepening exchanges between Jieyang and Africa. It is the inevitable choice to strengthen "Jie-Africa” friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation, for there is broad prospect in economic and tra... For details, please click>>