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The general situation of industry in Jieyang
Entry time:2014-4-10 09:25:38    Source:Jieyang city, guangdong province, industry overview

    Jieyang has a solid industrial foundation, industrial economy developing rapidly, private economic being active, the advantages of characteristics industries being obvious. It has world famous "Asian Jade Capital ", "Chinese Jade Capital ", "Chinese Hardware Base City", "Chinese Textile Industry Base (Puning)", "Chinese Medicine City (Puning)", "Chinese Plastics Fashional Shoes Capital", "Taobao Village of China".
    1.Chinese Textile Industry Base City (Puning)
    Jieyang is one of the largest garment wholesale production bases in China. The main products include chemical fiber, knitwear, suits, casual wear, shirts, T-Shirts, jeans, underwear, pajamas, and so on. In 1990, it became one of the most famous cloths, clothing wholesale markets, known as the "garment capital". Since 2001, it successfully held ten International Shirt Day, and has got nicknames like: “First City of Shirt ", "Fashion Shirt Kingdom", "Shirt Manufacturing Experts" and so on. In early 2004, Chinese Textile Industry Association awarded Jieyang the title of "Chinese Textile Industry Base". In 2014, it was titled by the Guangdong provincial government as " international knitted garment procurement center". At present, the scale of textile and garment industry has reached about 100 billion Yuan.
    2.Chinese Plastics Fashional Shoes Capital
Jieyang is one of the largest plastic footwear production bases, export bases and plastic home furnishing products production bases in China. The main products include craft shoes, sports shoes, plastic shoes, leisure shoes, crystal shoes, slippers, sandals, plastic box, plastic daily necessities, and so on. Jieyang is also one of the key areas of China's exports of toys; the main products are plastic dolls, Bobbi doll, electronic/ electric plastic toys etc. These products are mainly exported to America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and other countries or regions. In July 2011, Chinese Plastics Processing Industry Association formally awarded Jieyang the honorary title " Chinese Plastics Fashional Shoes Capital ". In October of 2012, Chinese Light Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and Jieyang municipal government signed a protocol to build the "Chinese Plastic Home Furnishing Goods Export Base -- Jieyang" together. At present, the toy industry scale has reached about 4 billion Yuan, the scale of the footwear industry has reached about 20 billion Yuan, and the plastic products industry has reached the scale of about 30 billion Yuan.
    3 "China Hardware Base City"
Jieyang is one of China's largest production bases of stainless steel products, with metal products being exported to Europe, America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Jieyang is also an important exporter of small household appliances in Guangdong Province, mainly exporting products like electric heaters, fans, skin and hair care appliances, etc, to Southeast Asia, the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions. Jieyang was awarded the title "China Hardware Base City" by China National Hardware Association in August 2005, when it held the first metal stainless steel products expo. Currently, the industry scale has reached more than 70 billion yuan. 

    4 ." Chinese Medicine City (Puning) "
 Jieyang City is an important manufacturing base of Chinese medicine in Guangdong Province. It is also one of the major distribution centers for pharmaceutical industry's products, mainly including: pieces of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, a large amount of injection of chemicals such as solvents. These products are sold around China and Southeast Asia. Thus this city gains another title as " Chinese Medicine City” (Puning). Among the pharmaceutical enterprises, the Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. has built a trading platform (in test) for a great amount of Chinese herbal medicines. The platform is the only and the largest market that combines a both the physical and virtual markets. With  the highest starting point and as the production base of the most complete variety of Chinese herbal medicines, Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is nominated as one of the national top 500 private enterprises by the National Business Federation. The  annual output value of the company is over 10 billion yuan. At present, the pharmaceutical industry scale has reached 30 billion yuan.
    5. "Asian Jade Capital ", "Chinese Jade Capital "
Jieyang jade industry has been developing for more than one century, with the most upscale, largest and most concentrated jade professional market and production and processing base. Its products are sold to mainland provinces, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries and regions, as well as around the world. According to incomplete statistics, about 80% of the medium-end and high-end raw materials of jade from Myanmar flow to Yangmei Village, Lancheng District every year. Six sessions of Yangmei(International)Jadeware Festival have been held here. In April 2005, Jieyang City was awarded the title of "Asian Jade Capital" by the Federation of Asian jewelry. And in January 2006 , it was awarded the title of "Chinese Jade Capital" by the Chinese Light Industry Federation. Currently, the annual sales of jade industry have reached more than 30 billion RMB.

    6. Taobao Village of China
Jieyang City vigorously implements the "8610" program of e-commerce development ( i.e. eight e-commerce key tasks, six e-commerce gathering areas, 100,000 e-commerce backbone training). It successfully applies for national e-commerce demonstration city with its fastest and lowest-cost network in eastern Guangdong, the first bulk trading platform of herbal medicine in China and two national e-commerce innovative demonstration pilot projects. In 2013, the city's e-commerce transaction volume is over 20 billion RMB, of which, only Junpu Village’s online transaction volume has already reached 720 million RMB. On December 27, 2013, Junpu electronic village was awarded the title of " Taobao Village of China ".