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Profile of Jieyang City
Entry time:2014-4-10 09:36:25    Source:Jieyang city, guangdong province, industry overview
   Jieyang City is the youngest coastal city in Guangdong Province. It was established in 1991. Now, it administrates Rongcheng District, Jiedong District, Jiexi County and Huilai County and temporarily administrates Puning City. The city has a land area of 5,240.5 square kilometers, a land coastal line of 136.9 kilometers, more than 30 coastal islands and a population of 6,830 thousand.
   Jieyang City is a famous historical and cultural city in Guangdong Province, a hometown for overseas Chinese. It has more than 3,200 thousand people from HK, Macao and Taiwan and other countries. It also has 1,800 thousand returned overseas Chinese and relatives of overseas Chinese.
   Jieyang City has a good location for convenient transportation with many railways and highways. Jieyang Chaoshan Airport is the third largest airport in Guangdong  Province and it has operated for two years. It is estimated that the number of passenger would reach 3 million with goods posted reaching 20 thousand tons. Xiamen-Shenzhen High Speed Railway, Guang-Mei-Shan Railway and many highways including Shenzhen-Shantou, Jie-Pu, Mei-Jie, Shan-Jie and Chao-Jie have been established for use. Meanwhile, Jie-hui and Shan-Zhen highways are in rapid construction. The internal river navigation reaches 369 kilometers. Rongjiang River is the second deepest river in Guangdong Province. It is as long as 175 kilometers. 5000–tons ships can navigate in it. Ships can directly reach HK, Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, etc. It is named as Gold Water Channel. The City has many good ports including Shenquan and Jinghai. In many areas, deep water wharfs over 100000-300000 tons can be built. A marine, land and air transportation pattern named as Four Longitudinal and Three Transverse including highway nets, high ways, high-speed railways and inter-cities railway nets are gradually formed.
   During the development of Jieyang, the potential seems to be strong. In recent years, Jieyang city focuses on the core task "making the development pole in eastern Guangdong, creating a happy new Jieyang". It has overcome difficulties, seized the opportunity to achieve the rapid growth of economic and social development. The growth of main economic indicators has been in the first place in Guangdong province for many years. In the year of 2013, GDP of Jieyang is 160.535 billion RMB, increasing 14.5%. Therefore, Jieyang leaps to first place in five cities of eastern Guangdong, becomes the most powerful city and new economic development pole of eastern Guangdong province, and it’s also an important component part of Hercynian Economic Zone. The investment in fixed asset is 82.939 billion RMB, increasing 27.5%; above-scale industry in value is 86.079 billion RMB, increasing 23.8%; The total retail sales of consumer goods is 65.766 billion RMB, increasing 15.2%; the foreign trade volume of export is $ 4.38 billion, increasing 15%; local public budget revenues is 6.669 billion RMB, increasing 17.6%; deposits, loans increase 16.67%, 17.82% respectively.