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Jieyang Yangmei Precious Jade Co. , Ltd
Entry time:2014-4-9 15:58:24    Source:Jieyang city, guangdong province, industry overview
     Jieyang Yangmei Precious Jade Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Yangmei Jade Corporation with 53.28 million Yuan foundation. The company is mainly running jade processing, jade retail etc. The jade industry always insists on giving first place to jadeite and domestic jade as supplement, and the operation philosophy pure natural A products. The company also preserves the high quality of jadeite in order to earn the royalty from the clients. The product designing and carving arts and crafts is always creative to lead the way in Jade article’s new consumption fashion.

Add:Fifth floor, Exhibition center, Building on the east side, Yangmei Yudu, Pandong Town, Nancheng District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province.
Contact phone number:13802317875
The url:http://jieyang05494.11467.com