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Guangdong Zhikang Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd
Entry time:2014-4-9 16:00:59    Source:Jieyang city, guangdong province, industry overview
    Guangdong Zhikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a innovation enterprise which focus on Chinese medicinal materials’ researching, planting, producing and sales. It mainly sales amino acids, Chinese medicine etc. The company was built in 2004 with 40 million  registered capital.
    The company makes use of the good ecological environment and pays attention to the concept of “genuine medicinal plants” and the “origin area”. Its southern herbal planting is mainly Lignum Dalbergiae, building the rare and endangered Lignum Dalbergiae planting base which meets the GAP. The company’s Chinese medicine production is really accord to the GAP, and the purchasing is strictly controlled as well as the system of quality assurance. The company leads the way of technological innovation, based on the advanced resources, starting from the modern Chinese medicine, exploring to the biological medicine and the chemical medicine, to push the development of healthy industry.

Add:Huanxi Industrial Park Chiwei Toll Station, Puning, Jieyang City, Guangdong.
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